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Ways to Support!

There are several ways you can support Operation Christmas Drop!  

Surviving as a private organization in a post-COVID world requires signifcant planning and a huge shift in the way we have traditionally operated.

First, direct contributions allow for direct aid.  Two types direct aid most beneficial to the Christmas Drop are monetary donations and material goods donations.  Monetary donations are paramount.  The "big  four" for each bundle; rice, a cooler, fishing hooks, and fishing line, have a monetary cost of approximately $150 per bundle.  We strive to include the "big four" in every bundle dropped!  Material goods donations are no less critical.  Gifts of fishig supplies, snorkel masks, snorkels, hand tools, screws, nails, duct tape, signaling mirrors, distress flags, and spear tips are gifts that have potential to not only sustain life, but SAVE lives.  Direct donations to the organization are ALWAYS appreciated - and 100% of your donation is ALWAYS spent on providing islanders life-saving supplies!

Also, swag sales are a large focus throughout the year.  With new shirts being introduced annually, we aim to keep our apparel line-up fresh and enticing!  Swag sale contributions are a great way to spread awareness, and provide direct monetary support to Op Christmas Drop!

Finally, fundraising events!   Throughout the year we focus our energy toward both local fundraisers, and virtual fundraisers!  The righteous and giving nature of the Chamorro people and the large military community here on Guam goes a long way toward ensuring fundraiser success, but due to challenges created by COVID, we are attemping to shift our target to an online, borderless, unlimited mileage base.  Your participation in Christmas Drop online Giveaways, Virtual Run Challenges, and Virtual Tournaments is critical to ensuring our continued success!

Stay tuned for upcoming events!
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